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To avoid any future inconvenience, we would like you to read our terms and conditions thoroughly. Reading them cautiously will help you understand how we function. These Terms and Conditions supervise the user’s access and consumption of this Site. As soon as you access our site, there are certain boundaries you will experience and a specific set of rules you will have to follow. As per the site’s Terms and Conditions, you will be consenting to obey any additional rules, guidelines, limitations, and regulations that are updated concerning particular areas and services available on the site.
Therefore, all such additional rules, regulations, and limitations are associated with the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions. The CBD Packaging Hub is the only body that has the authority to modify, alter, insert or delete, edit, and change the information and rules available on this Site and to these Terms and Conditions at whatever time devoid of prior notification.
Reading Terms of Use every time you visit the site is recommended.


Copyright (c) 2021 cbdpackaginghub.com site. All rights are reserved. You are not permitted to duplicate or republish any of the posted materials (images and written Content) and software retained by the cbdpackaginghub.com site.


You are entirely accountable for utilizing the written material in combination with other available graphics, illustrations, Content, or diverse materials you tend to integrate into your Products. You agree to remove all of the text, picture, brand name, design, trademark, and any other sort of copyrighted work of any unknown identity in your Products except if you have got the appropriate consents from the site owners.
You agree on never impinging upon any privileges of the outsiders for personal products, which includes copyright, the privilege of exposure or protection, and brand name. You pledge not to criticize, disparage, or insult the outsiders and that you have every obligatory right or approval vital to utilize the outsider content for your Products.
Once you have forwarded your request for a packaging order with this Site, you certify that you have all required approval, the right, and the authority to put in the request, and you agree with cbdpackaginghub.com to manufacture the Products as per your interest.


Being a user, you will be held accountable for utilizing the Content from our site for your Products along with other available material such as pictures and illustrations. You oblige that you will remove all Content and pictures, layout and design, plan, brand name, and service mark along with any copyrighted material of any outsider. It is only possible if you have the proof of approvals from the site owners.
You agree that you will never violate the privileges of any outsider for personal gains, such as copyright, the privilege of exposure or protection, and brand name. You warrant to never try criticizing or slandering the outsider’s name. If you are utilizing the same material, you need to have all-important consents in hand that show the site owner's approval. Once you have put your order with cbdpackagingbhub.com, you will prove that you have every consent, have the right, and stand in the position to put in the request and you commend the manufacturers to start creating the Products you have placed your order for.
The only person who has the obligation and permission to make changes in the data, uploaded information, texts, images, illustrations, and other site content is the individual who has created such Content in the first place. Therefore, you will be liable for using, sending, transferring, or posting any Content from this site.
You promise to obey all principles regarding online consumption and conduct and reasonable Content. You take responsibility to never post any disgusting comments, illegal illustrations, or use any other substance that intrudes the licensed innovation rights or other exclusive privileges of cbdpackaginghub.com or any third party.
This site exercise no control over any content uploaded or shared by the Clients and doesn't guarantee the meticulousness, honesty, or nature/meaning of the Content. In case of encountering any hostile, repulsive, antagonistic, or questionable Content, cbdpackaginghub.com will never be held accountable in any capacity.
While using this site, you testify that only you will be subject to blame for safeguarding your account passwords and controlling access to your registered account. You will be held accountable for any action (comment or order) taken through your enlisted account. In any case, when you, or someone else who has the permission to access, organizes a print item making the use of your password, you permit cbdpackaginghub.com around the world, distinction free and non-exclusive permit/license to exploit, duplicate, sub-license, change, adjust, distribute, display and make imitative works from the Content available on the site and the printed thing with a motive to have the record of the designs and supervising the print orders. You acknowledge the fact that cbdpackaginghub.comand their designing team will have the right (yet, not the commitment) in their singular tact to remove any Content that seems to disrespect the terms of services or may one way or another be appalling and appears unacceptable. cbdpackaginghub.commay defend Content and may equally uncover Content when needed to do as per the law or due to the situation that such disclosure is vital to:

  • Follow a legitimate cycle.
  • Permits the terms of services.
  • React to claims that the Content mistreats the privileges of outsiders.
  • Safeguard the rights, property, or individual well being of cbdpackaginghub.com, its users and the general population.


You consent that you will be provided with only low-resolution design files recorded at 72 DPI while working with cbdpackaginghub.com. In case you are looking for higher resolution files to have a good experience, you are advised to put forward your quote.


Keeping the minimum resolution goal of 300 DPI, every artwork or designed image will always be provided in CMYK design. Any color shift or shading changes during transforming from RGB to CMYK cbdpackaginghub.com or any of our designers will not take responsibility. Besides, if the team has already received vaguely printed, distorted, blurry, or pixilated images from the client, cbdpackaginghub.com will not be accountable for the final quality of the artwork.


The client endorsement of the latest artwork and employment sheet is demanded by nearly every print occupation. Upon sending your order request, the most recent work of art validations and a precise occupation sheet will be provided to the clients via enlisted email. Clients can look into all delicacies mentioned on the separate sheet concerning the dispatching dates and speed of the production process. Once the client has surveyed it all, they should confirm that every aspect of client necessities has been accredited correctly.
Any member of cbdpackaginghub.com will not be held responsible for any particularities and necessities noted in the previous or very last determination sheet. Besides, it is the client's responsibility to final check the final artwork evidence/sample and let the team know if any changes are required. The editing and proofreading of the last craftsmanship is the duty of the client. As multiple ways are adopted for artwork preparation, you can expect natural changes. That is why the fine art that will be verified on the last sample will be printed.
cbdpackaginghub.com explicitly describes that the final piece of verified art will be printed in total capacity to evaluate the actual position, spelling mistakes, and other layout and design elements. Our team won't be accountable if the client fails to identify any spelling mistakes in the sample before final order printing. Once the clients permit manufacturing, a detailed plan record and employment details will be forwarded to the production and printing departments, asking them to create a similar print precisely.
Once the client has given the affirmation to the final mockup and provided us with the screen verifications, the designing team will not be obligated for the problems the client highlights later regarding color shading or ink thickness.
With screen verifications, the client will get the opportunity to observe the plan, layout, design, text precision, image details (resolution, extent), and placement of Content except for shading and density. thecustomizeboxes.com will try to synchronize the thickness of every color shading in duotone. We are not subjected to the last debut of a couple tone, ONLY if the customer asks for a match confirmation for the shading. But due to finishing, coating, and lamination, the printed colors and shading can be affected, and our team will not be warranted for such abrupt changes.


Before placing a confirmed order, you must keep in mind that any of our paper/card collections used in printing and manufacturing are not food grade. In case of having specific preferences and meticulousness, you must forward your request to the cbdpackaginghub.com team in a hard copy in clear and precise words, as soon as possible. We request you to inform us timely and in priority if you have severe concerns regarding paper stock to be food grade.
Only the client is authorized to provide us with all the approvals before printing. We only seek affirmation on sample/proof artwork from the client. For any printing mistakes (mentioned below), cbdpackaginghub.com will not be answerable:

  • Graphics Orientation or Placement and Incorrect Font Usage
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical, sentencing, and Punctuation Blunders
  • Wrong Die cuts
  • Incorrect or Missing Folds and openings
  • Completed Product Sizes


For final production, the shading will be replicated from print-prepared documents that were submitted earlier. However, considering the possibility of printing impairments and versatility of multiple printing surfaces, cbdpackaginghub.com cannot guarantee a precise match in shading and accuracy in color thickness. The client can expect up to 90% accuracy in the color shading in respect to the last verification you recommended.
If you have requested a printed copy of evidence for which you will have to pay extra, we can probably guarantee shading proliferation for print-prepared records. CBD Packaging Hub is unaccountable for shading variabilities from submitted print-prepared pictures to the real artwork.


You agree that you will recompense and protect CBD Packaging Hub and all gatherings from whom CBD Packaging Hub has officially accredited segments of Content, and their chief officers, and staff members against all cases, danger, damages, and expenses, comprising reasonable legal charges and costs emerging out of or acknowledged with (I) your penetration of these Terms and Conditions or (ii) any suit, case, or application emerging from or recognizing with any content, images, illustrations, graphics or other quantifiable material you merged into Products that was not in accordance to the standard Site Content.


The client can cancel their orders that are preceding final printing or dispatching. You are eligible to drop off your orders during any processing stage or before it reaches stage 2, but once your order has been dispatched, you are not allowed to cancel the order.

  • You place your orders online
  • In any case, your orders will be adjusted through the designing department
  • Requested orders are dispatched off the press
  • The shipped orders are first collected by the associated delivery firm and then transported to the client’s address
  • Besides, there are cancellation charges. Our Customer Service Representative will instruct you concerning cancellation cost.

As per the cancellation policies, for the first stage order, you will be paying $15, comprising 5% of the total amount covering the installment processing, bank expenses, and the costs of the designing department. For the second stage, you will be paying a minimum of 20% of the total amount of order, covering the design department expenses.

We always try to respect the client’s requests and manage to cancel the order even if your order has reached stage 3, but we cannot promise. However, if we agree to drop off your order in stage 3, the client will be paying a minimum of half of the total amount means 50% is deducted for reimbursing the costs of production and printing. In stage 4, orders can't be canceled at all.


If the client has forwarded the request effectively, No Refunds are given concerning orders and design services.


Every order is produced similar to the design that has been confirmed and authoritatively verified by the client. In case we admit and affirm that a mistake in printing or color, layout or design is done on our part, we will re-print the order without asking for any refunds or extra charges and credits.


Once the client has received the sample, he or she is provided with the time of 3 working days to let the designing team or printing team of CBD Packaging hub know if there is any mistake, flaw, or missing part. If the client submits the feedback late (it takes more than three days), CBD Packaging Hub will not be held accountable for any sort of imperfections, shortcomings, or missing accessories elements.
If the client is looking for a replacement on account of the defective order, the client has to return (at their own cost) at least 99% of the order, which has been accepted within ten days after receiving the order. Until and unless there is no written proof of return from CBD Packaging Hub, No returns will be approved.
The extra charges you have paid for rush delivery (speedy or surge printing/delivery) will NOT be REFUNDED, comprising those requests that are refunded under certain conditions. No Exceptions!


CBD Packaging Hub offers the following product options whenever the client is booking an order:

STANDARD shipping

  • Standard Service has no confirmed shipping time (the delivery time isn't ensured)
  • Free road/ground delivery within 48 adjoining states
  • Once the team has received the approval, 10-14 business days are required to dispatch the shipment


  • Guaranteed to ship the order in a maximum of 7-8 working days
  • Free road/ground delivery within 48 adjoining states
  • Once the team has received the approval, eight business days are required to dispatch the shipment


  • Surety to dispatch the order in a maximum of 6 business days
  • Free road/ground delivery within 48 adjoining states
  • Products will be shipped within six working days after receiving verified approval evidence

Regardless, the final proof should be acquired by 11:00 AM EST. Else one business day will be further added to the total transportation times. CBD Packaging Hub will act unswervingly to design, print, and ship your orders in a hassle-free way. Our team will never be held accountable for any consequences or damages coming about due to producing, shipping, or conveyance postponement of the ordered products.
Clients will avoid holding CBD Packaging Hub subject to shipping delays that are usually caused due to technical errors, weather calamities, natural disasters, and postponements from delivering firms, universal traditions issues, or some other circumstance beyond the control of our team. CBD Packaging Hub will steadily act to certify that you receive the package on the scheduled time. Nonetheless, staggering technical issues. Thus unforeseen disappointment, and breakdown, may suspend our printing or transport procedures.
In an unfortunate situation of shipping or printing postponements, extra or facilitate expenses will be reduced or deferred anywhere wanted. BUT, we don’t accept order cancellations requests because of delays in printing or shipping.
All clients agree to pay all the obligatory dues such as customs duties and costs on the orders that are shipped to their enlisted location. It is the responsibility of the clients to devise strategies to clear traditions for deliveries transported outside the United States.


CBD Packaging Hub notices the below-mentioned holidays:

  1. New Year Day (January 1st)
  2. Martin Luther King Day
  3. President Day
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Independence Day (July 4th)
  6. Labor Day
  7. Columbus Day
  8. Veterans Day
  9. Thanks Giving Day
  10. Day after Thanks Giving Day
  11. Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  12. Christmas Day (December 25th)


Once the package is delivered to your doorstep, the client’s responsibility is to check the order thoroughly before final receiving. Investigating the packaging to review if all the information and instructions are correctly followed to highlight any possible damage or missing products is a client's duty. Upon indicating any harm, inform CBD Packaging Hub and the delivery person right away.
The client is provided with a maximum duration of three business days to claim the wrong or damaged order. Or else, CBD Packaging Hub will not be answerable to any replacement or refund if applicable. CBD Packaging Hub team isn't responsible for outsider shipping mistakes, inaccuracies, or harmed deliveries.
Every client receives some extra pieces with every order and will not be charged as per the policies of CBD Packaging Hub. Sometimes, a few pieces can be missing in the order. Printing exchange principles take into account underages or overages of up to 5%. If you need your order to be produced in a specific amount, it is advised to mention it to our production team so we should focus on arranging an order 10% over the prerequisite quantity.
Extra postage charges will be added to the total cost for packaging that must be reshipped if the client fails to deliver the accurate delivery address.


The site and the available content are provided "as it is" devoid of any guarantee, either communicated or proposed, including, though not restricted to, guarantees of merchantability, eligible for a precise reason, or non-encroachment. You are aware that the activity of the site may not be constant or error-free. References and acquaintances to services of self-regulating organizations may appear on the site. These references are given "as it is” without surety of any sort, whichever is communicated or inferred.


Under no circumstances, CBD Packaging Hub or its licensors, suppliers, or retailers, their officials, leaders, representatives, or authorities will be at risk for any strange, coincidental, indirect, or substantial harms of any sort or any troubles at all following from loss of consumption, data, profit, or benefits, irrespective of whether CBD Packaging Hub has been instructed regarding the possibility of damage, emerging out of or concerning the use or execution of the site or of incapability to provide items or services that you demand from CBD Packaging Hub or its associates, including without restriction, tribulations emerging from botch or error, rejection, virus, rescheduling, delay, or interference of services.
In no case, CBD Packaging Hub will be subjected to or considered accountable for any troubles or consequences emerging from or recognized with your inappropriate or unapproved exploitation of this site or its content.