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Custom CBD Boxes! The Perfect CBD Packaging Solution At Wholesale Rate

We provides you the best packaging solutions with customized printed box service, which matches your industry and product specific needs.
Get high quality custom boxes with logo with a flexible and simple packaging process.

Custom CBD Oil Boxes

Get stylish printed Custom Printed CBD Oil Boxes. We are providing all kinds of CBD Packaging at the best quality. You can check our other produ...

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Essential Oil Boxes

Essential Oil Boxes are now easily available at CBD Packaging Hub. We are providing all kinds of CBD Oils boxes at wholesale prices with Free sh...

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CBD Child Resistant Boxes

CBD child resistance packaging boxes are a legal requirement for cannabis products. While many dispensaries don't carry this kind of packagi...

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Custom CBD E-Liquid Boxes

Looking for custom CBD E-liquid Packaging?  We are specialized in manufacturing & Designing Printed CBD E liquid boxes as per your requ...

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Custom CBD Beard Oil Boxes

Giving you durable, lightweight, and stylishly eco-friendly Beard Oil Boxes. Our error-free Printed Beard Oil ...

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Custom CBD Bath Bomb Boxes

To experience the expansion in customer reach, you need to increase your brand's value, which is possible through engaging and attractive bo...

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Custom CBD Display Boxes

Giving you durable, lightweight, and stylishly eco-friendly custom CBD display boxes. Our error-free CBD oil packaging boxes are crafted in all ...

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Custom CBD Topicals Boxes

Get High quality Custom Printed Beard Balm Boxes, wholesale price available. Free design support - free and fast delivery in the USA. We offer a...

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Custom CBD Lip Balm Boxes

CBD Lip Balm Boxes are the best source to present your product in the market. We offer Custom CBD Lip Balm Packaging with your artwork and logo ...

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Enticing the Retail World through Custom CBD Boxes

Packaging has a lot of types. Many packaging companies are working on various forms of packaging products. They deliver to their clients whatever they ask to make. But CBD Packaging Hub is a company that solely makes custom CBD packaging. This is the beauty and distinctiveness of our brand. We have allotted the whole of our time to fulfill the requirements of the hemp industries. However, this policy has restrained us from making packaging products for other industries. 

We have only one industry of CBD Boxes Wholesale solutions. And that’s it. Once you reach us; you come to us with the confidence that we are the Pro of packaging. We prove this by our products and services. We have a lot to offer you. In fact, whatever packaging is related to this industry exists we are manufacturing that. We are catering to whole American retail markets. Just let us know; what you want; we are offering some of the below endeavors for you.

Why the CBD Packaging Hub?

Our Premium Cannabidiol Packaging Solutions are designed to protect your products and their classy appearance. Your clients will never think about the product manufacturing as the CBD Packaging produce an admiring factor on them at first glance. So, if you want to be successful in this highly competitive era, get the best stylish and trendy boxes.

  • Branding by Classy Custom CBD Packaging

Making your products distinctive from other brands is the priority in this highly competitive era. Thus, getting the right Trendy Cannabidiol Packaging Solutions from us is the easiest way. Our astonishing boxes will differentiate your brand from others in an extraordinary manner. Further, our Elegant CBD Box Packaging Company will be helpful in your brand recognition. People have a powerful memory, so you need to ensure that your positive image is feeding in their brains. We have highly qualified designers who bring up your brands on top just by the right Custom Printed CBD Boxes.

  • Instant Assistance of Design

As we design our complete service in a way, we can facilitate our clients ideally. Therefore, our service provider will assist you immediately and provide you with a free designed sample. You even don't have to pay for dye and plate charges. Our simple motive is to see you happy. We are struggling hard to provide you with perfect service at rational values.

  • Dedicated and Qualified Staff

We have earned a good reputation in the Marijuana Packaging industry because of our dedicated and hard-working professionals. Our high-profile staff worked 24/7 for years to reach this status. They are the pillars along with solid determination for our company. Their focus on their work brings us exceptionally Innovative CBD Boxes that have become the trend in the packaging industry.

Therefore, you can hire us when you seek expert advice to design your boxes. Further, when you want great CBD Box Wholesale Solutions, our experts are here for help 24/7. Our experienced professionals are not only working to produce their own designed Custom CBD Boxes. They can also satisfy you in making your ideas and designs in the best form of boxes.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

Delivering orders safely to your doorstep is our responsibility. We have made a good repute in the industry by timely deliveries to our clients. Our company has arranged a team working to ensure that your order is ready and delivered to you on time. Further, our delivery charges are very reasonable, and all over the USA, there are no shipping charges.

The Top Material Choices That We Are Offering

We receive most of the orders to get Custom CBD Boxes Wholesale. A big part of the packaging is related to the boxes. Boxes are like the first introduction of your products. Every person who has to buy your product first will notice the box. So, the box should be enticing. We make all the possible styles to present your products tremendously. These styles can be straight tuck end boxes, reverse tuck end boxes, auto-lock bottom boxes, etc. 

We are presenting these boxes in a variety of materials. You may need them for various purposes. You can use them for retail selling. Or you can use them for high-end product selling. We have Custom CBD Packaging Boxes Wholesale for all the objectives. We use three types of materials to make them. Kraft, cardboard, and chipboard. Hereby, we give you a brief description of the materials. 

  • Kraft

Kraft is the super material. We use for maximum products in the USA. Similarly, we are making a lot of CBD Boxes in this material. Kraft has undoubtedly some print limitations due to its default brown color. It does not print digital image quality. Therefore, we cannot print the famous tetra colors of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on it. But we can print separate colors on its surface. So, we sensibly devise the printing plan for this material. If you are an entrepreneur and starting the Custom Hemp Packaging business for the first time then Kraft is a good choice for you.

Kraft complies with you because it is the most affordable material of all. Once we print on it, it does not need any type of lamination or varnish. It is the most simple form of packaging. But despite its simplicity, we can do a lot with it. We can play with colors to make it more vigorous. We can send you some of the samples of our work on Kraft. Then you can see what we can do extra with Kraft. Its cost-effectiveness does not restrict us to think outside the box.  

  • Cardboard

When it comes to presenting your product with sublime elegance then cardboard fulfills the task perfectly. The cardboard is white in color. It gives us the freedom to print digital quality pictures on its surface. If we go towards the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) system of digital printing that is very costly. That printing system is not appropriate for the Custom CBD Boxes in bulk production. Since we have to manufacture thousands of boxes at a single time so we prefer to print them on offset machines.

We accurately make the boxes in all sizes. If you send us your product measurements even then we can make the box according to that size. It does not matter what the dimensions of your product are, we can make the packaging boxes. After knowing about the weight, further, we advise about the box sizes. This is a key factor before finalizing the box measurements. 

  • Chipboard

Chipboard is also known as the rigid board. The boxes are famous in America by the name of rigid boxes. If you have a high-end product and you are trying to sell it in an exclusive market then we can help to make luxury Custom Vape Boxes. These boxes are handmade. Due to their hardest sturdiness, you cannot ship them flat. We also deliver them fully assembled to you. So, once you get them they are ready to use. 

The Differnet Styles that You Need

  • Boxes with Windows

Many times you need the CBD Packaging Boxes with windows. Windows enhance the visual elegance of your Custom CBD Boxes. This is how your customers see the products on shelves from a different perspective. They see the products without touching or holding them. They get an idea about their manufacturing even before using them. So, windows are quite effective. We have the latest equipment for die-cut that enables us to slice the windows in any shape or dimension. The shapes can be spherical, square, rectangular, or hexagonal.  

  • Boxes with Inserts

We place inserts in your CBD Packaging Boxes. This feature enables you to deposit your products conveniently in the boxes. We make different types of inserts, i.e, foam, cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, or rigid inserts. It depends upon the size and weight of your products. If your products have more weight then we make sturdier inserts so they can hold the products perfectly. We try to place the inserts according to the box and product sizes. It is all the convenience that you want. 

  • Special Finishing Features

CBD Packaging Hub takes enormous measures to adorn your CBD Boxes Wholesale. We are offering you a lot of add-ons. We provide you with two types of lamination; gloss and matte. One type is shining and one is without shine. You can emboss or deboss your packaging products. You can also spot UV your logo, product name, or any text on the Custom CBD Boxes. Furthermore, we provide you with various colors of foil printing. Foil printing is available not only in golden and silver colors, we can furnish it in every shade. 

  • Packaging with Eco-Friendly Capabilities

Being an American brand we think about our planet. Therefore, we provide you with Biodegradable CBD Boxes. Kraft, cardboard, and chipboard are our primary materials. Paperboard manufacturers make Kraft from wooden pulp. We highly endorse it. If you are a new startup, entrepreneur, or an existing brand of cannabis then you can rely on us. Every material that we use whether it is cardboard, Kraft, chipboard, or corrugated materials all are recyclable in a way or so.  

Packaging for Every CBD Product

If you have a thought about any of the CBD products, you want to launch a new hemp product line, talk to us. Together we can conceive and draw a better sketch of packaging. You can see our work through our pre-made prototypes. We can also send you customized samples with the help of our customer support officers. Just talk to us!  

Contact Us

We have deployed a professional team of customer support. Once we receive your call, our whole system starts working. Sometimes it starts with free designs. Sometimes it starts with estimation. Every day we are working for you. Contact us at Let us know how we can help you to make your Custom CBD Packaging products.